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Engaging in online therapy is not only more affordable than face to face therapy, it also saves you other associated costs such as traveling, and childcare.


Our system is designed to get you connected with a therapist as easy as possible. You can now conveniently meet your online counselor anywhere you are.


We offer you full time coverage so you can easily fit your online therapy sessions in your everyday routine saving a lot of time and energy.


Weather you live in a remote area, traveling abroad or cannot leave your home for some reason, all you need is internet connection and a webcam to meet your counselor.


Our systems are and compliant to ensure your conversations stay between you and your online therapist.


There are several health issues which are ideal for seeking therapy online if confidentiality is a problem. In your home no one will know you are enrolling in online therapy.

Not sure you need therapy or if online therapy is right for you?

You can discuss your issue, expectations and learn how online therapy works directly from a trained counselor for free.
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