Bi-polar Disorder

Posted by Frank Gillespie MA

Bi-polar disorder is an extreme emotional disorder that can be very difficult for the individual as well as their loved ones. If you suffer from bi-polar disorder, or know and care for someone who does, you will understand the manic episodes of elation and depression that occur. It’s an exhausting condition to have to live with, and ultimately leaves you feeling extremely depressed for long periods.

Therapy is available though. With the right help, you can make the breakthrough that will help you to live with this condition. Cognitive behavioral therapy analyses the link between your emotions and your thoughts. By understanding this pattern, you can work with your therapist on the necessary techniques to control your bi-polar disorder.

The problem that many sufferers of bi-polar disorder will face is finding the time to get the right help. If you live in a rural community, the only psychologist in your area may not be equipped to help you with your specific needs. It might take hours to get to the right therapist. Your work schedule might be too rigorous. You may also have anxieties over talking to someone about your problems. It might be hard for you to reach out.

At PsychNook, we take the necessary steps to find you the right help from trained mental health counselors, all from the safety and comfort of your computer or device. Online counseling has helped many people to overcome their conditions, including bi-polar disorder.

PsychNook offers different plans of action from professional counselors to get you the best possible help for your specific needs. We offer complete flexibility by way of different mediums of communication. By taking our unique five-step plan, you can be assigned the right counselor who specializes in your disorder. You can then select the right medium for communication, including message therapy and video chat therapy.

These mediums of conversation allow you to develop a relationship with the counselor while also maintaining control over the course of help. You can keep on top of your life instead of adding to your problems by taking time off work or travelling great distances for the right help.

Bi-polar disorder may require you to change the approach you and your counselor take, depending on your emotions. With PsychNook’s variety of counseling, you’ll be able to alter your contact with your counselor with great ease. If it is a loved one that is suffering from bi-polar disorder, they may be reluctant to take counseling in person, but a video chat or message therapy session might be a beneficial first step in the right direction. These sessions can open the individual up to the idea of counseling, and might prompt them into realizing the benefits it will bring them in helping them to manage their bi-polar disorder.

Because there are different levels of bi-polar, your counselor will be able to identify bi-polar disorder symptoms and explain to you the necessary steps you need to take. This often involves identifying certain thought patterns that lead to episodes of depression or elation.

So when you begin to think, “I need help”, Psych Nook is here to work with you and help you take control of your life again by dealing with your bi-polar disorder.


Frank Gillespie MA

Frank Gillespie has a Master's Degree in Counseling from LaSalle University in Philadelphia. He is a nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). He has provided therapy for over 23 years. During his career, he has helped more than 10,000 people move past their obstacles towards reaching their potential and fulfillment in their lives. He practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a warm and nurturing approach. In addition to being a therapist, Frank has been an adjunct college professor teaching social work, a clinical consultant, a clinical director, and a seminar speaker. Frank has recently retired from his full time practice to focus on a part time online practice. He is married. He enjoys listening to music, watching sports, power walking, swimming, reading and writing.


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