Help with Separation and Divorce

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Help with Separation and Divorce

Dealing with divorce and separation is one of the most stressful things that will happen in your life. Getting counselling for divorce is another stress in its self; having to juggle other commitments and spending time rushing to appointments. is an online counseling service offering people a chance to talk via video or text to a fully trained, experienced counselor in complete confidentiality. Regardless of your or your partner's location, schedule or ability to travel. Coping with divorce is stressful. Learning how to work through a divorce and getting help with divorce doesn't have to be. provides help for all the key stages of the process. We provide marriage counselling before divorce, divorce counseling for couples, family divorce counselling and counseling after divorce, including counselling for divorced couples.

Pre divorce counselling: Answering the question of marriage counseling or divorce?

Divorce is a hugely disruptive, expensive and time consuming process that will probably cause lasting psychological scars and reduce the living standards of both parties and their children. It makes sense to keep it as a last resort. But because not all marriages are salvageable or even worth saving, there are times when it is the best decision.

If you already have problems with your marriage divorce counseling can help you fully understand the emotional and relationship issues that will be incurred when the divorce trigger is pulled, and also understand the issues that need to be resolved if the marriage is to be saved. Sometimes people think in terms of divorce or counseling, but that is an enormous decision, often made on an emotional basis without a full understanding of the consequences.

Do marriage counselors ever suggest divorce? The answer is yes, frequently, but does marriage counseling lead to divorce? No, but if it is the right decision a counselor can help you arrive at it logically and come to terms with it. The key thing to remember is that if you do opt for marriage counselling divorce is still an option. However, once you start the process of divorce marriage counseling becomes much harder as adversarial positions get taken by opposing lawyers.

In the same way that an ethical divorce lawyer will advise clients to seek marriage counselling before divorce, ethical counselling before divorce will ensure that any decision you make will be more informed and rational, as well as offering the possibility of a vastly better solution to your problems. A therapist can help you decide if divorce or marriage counseling is the best path. It will be one of the most important decisions so it makes sense to have some professional help making it. Marriage counseling when one spouse wants a divorce is significantly more difficult, and is really only worthwhile if there is a genuine openness to change by both parties. However, even in that situation, after divorce counselling, even the spouse committed to divorce can change, after fully understanding the true cost of the divorce and seeing ways to solve the problems causing it.

Surviving Divorce

Once the decision for divorce has been made, the process is likely to be both brutal and brutalizing. Many people need post divorce therapy. Therapy for divorce will help you to deal with the many new challenges you will face. Adjusting to being single is a process that takes time. It can often lead to depression, anxiety and feelings that life will never be normal again. Divorce therapy can help you get back on track starting your new life without carrying your past problems on your back. Men in particular coping with divorce is often hit harder that they think they will be, with loss of access to children and reduced disposable income. Divorce counselling for men and women is usually fairly similar. Divorce therapy for men can help them come to terms with emotions and feelings that are hard to share and harder to express. Divorce therapy for women is similar (obviously both face many of the same issues), but typically their concerns revolve more around child wellbeing initially and only later moving into a new relationship.

About our online counseling site is an exclusively online psychotherapy therapy site that has been providing online video counseling, online chat therapy, and other counselling services online since 2014. During that time we have learnt what it takes to provide you with caring, cost-effective, convenient, confidential, and effective help with divorce online by using the latest technology developments. Divorce therapy is something we have significant experience with, as well as counseling for domestic violence victims. Our technology also allows people trapped in their homes or couples with one partner in a remote locations to get professional divorce marriage counseling or divorce counseling for couples either individually or together. This also applies especially to counselling for divorced couples whose jobs or other commitments makes it hard to meet with a counselor in the same location. Custody, support, child welfare and visitation issues can often be handled much easier that way.

Using our secure, simple system you can confidentially connect with fully credentialed, experienced therapists. They have been specially trained to provide help with separation and divorce via chat therapy online and online video therapy. No matter where you are in the world, or whatever your schedule, at last you can now confidently get quality professional online therapy.

The whole system has been designed with your confidentiality and safety in mind. People needing therapy for divorce or post divorce therapy must have confidentiality, so all communication is password protected and e-mail notifications are generic.

We are the only online therapy site that allows you to start by having an online psychologist chat with you about your problems. At any time, you can either switch to online video therapy, or simply continue with chat therapy online, using either dedicated blocks of the counselor's time, or just short messages spread out over the weeks.

We have spent years developing the software for you to be able to get counselling services online without needing to download or install any software, or use a system that could compromise your confidentiality such as Skype.

About Online Chat Therapy

Many people wonder if online psychology chat divorce therapy is effective. Globally, it is becoming more and more mainstream, especially amongst younger people, because of its convenience and anonymity. The answer is that it is definitely effective, but there are some caveats. The therapist must receive special training, because it is not the same thing as simply delivering traditional therapy online. There are special techniques that must be learned. The other issue it that sometimes it is more time consuming to express what you really feel than an actual conversation. makes it super easy to switch to face to face or voice only communication with your provider at any time you feel it is best for you. Using our online therapy website allows you to take advantage of the convenience of online chat therapy with confidence.

Frank Gillespie MA

Frank Gillespie has a Master's Degree in Counseling from LaSalle University in Philadelphia. He is a nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). He has provided therapy for over 23 years. During his career, he has helped more than 10,000 people move past their obstacles towards reaching their potential and fulfillment in their lives. He practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a warm and nurturing approach. In addition to being a therapist, Frank has been an adjunct college professor teaching social work, a clinical consultant, a clinical director, and a seminar speaker. Frank has recently retired from his full time practice to focus on a part time online practice. He is married. He enjoys listening to music, watching sports, power walking, swimming, reading and writing.


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