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Posted by Frank Gillespie MA

Building self esteem can be really difficult for some people. This may be down to a specific incident in their lives, or simply something they’ve always struggled with. Whatever the reason, improving low self esteem can be a really difficult thing to do alone.

Self esteem counseling begins with forming a bond and a trusting relationship with your counselor. This makes it easier for you to open up about your low self esteem and depression, which is often linked to dealing with low self esteem. Your counselor will be a trained professional and will know how to improve self esteem when they learn more about you.

For many, it is difficult to know which is the best strategy for overcoming low self esteem. You may live in an area where such a service isn’t might take you too long to travel the necessary distance to find self esteem therapy. If you are helping someone with low self esteem, it might be difficult to convince them to visit a counselor and discuss their self esteem issues with a stranger.

Thankfully, Zoom Therapy offers multiple platforms to overcome the difficulties of getting counseling for self esteem. They offer different means of contact and communication with their team of trained and certified counselors.

For someone who is reluctant to visit a therapist in person, message therapy might be a useful way of easing themselves into the right help for self esteem. With messages, you don’t need to have visual contact, making it easier to open up and start to find out how to deal with self esteem issues. Later, when you have developed a more firm base, you could move on to video chat therapy, which allows you to maintain your regular routine, without having to commute potentially long distances to a counselor to discuss low self esteem and depression. This is also useful for those of us who live in isolated or detached areas, with inadequate or unsuitable help for improving self esteem.

Money problems may be at the root of your low self esteem or depression, which also makes tackling the problem difficult. Zoom Therapy offer multiple payment methods that can be tailored to your needs, allowing you to find the best therapy for low self esteem without compromising on the price. Zoom Therapy understands that you can’t put a price on your mental well being, which is why they offer affordable, flexible payment methods and counseling sessions.

So when you start to think about overcoming low self esteem, look no further than Zoom Therapy and start a process tailored to your personal needs and begin your therapy for self esteem today.

Frank Gillespie MA

Frank Gillespie has a Master's Degree in Counseling from LaSalle University in Philadelphia. He is a nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). He has provided therapy for over 23 years. During his career, he has helped more than 10,000 people move past their obstacles towards reaching their potential and fulfillment in their lives. He practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a warm and nurturing approach. In addition to being a therapist, Frank has been an adjunct college professor teaching social work, a clinical consultant, a clinical director, and a seminar speaker. Frank has recently retired from his full time practice to focus on a part time online practice. He is married. He enjoys listening to music, watching sports, power walking, swimming, reading and writing.


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